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God unites purposes
Apostle Sinomar
I was born in Nerópolis – Goiás, but I lived part of my childhood in Uruana. As a teenager I lived in the city of Anapolis where I had my first experiences with God. After receiving a call from God with impressive signs that marked my life, I went to study in Belo Horizonte at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Brazil. Years later, I had the opportunity to deepen my studies when I took the Superior Course in Theology at the Fundamentalist College of São Paulo.
Pastor since 1973, initially by the Evangelical Christian Church. In 1987, together with my first wife Elizabeth Fernandes da Silveira (in memoriam) and the pastors who ministered with me, we founded the Light Ministry for the Peoples. I pastored the Church of FAMA (Goiânia) for 35 years.
I have three pastors sons, married to women of God (my daughters-in-law), who embrace the work with them. They presented me with seven grandchildren, and two grandchildren have already married men committed to the kingdom and have already given me two great-grandchildren – Caleb and Noah.
Apostle Noeme
I was born in Nerópolis – Goiás, and in adolescence my parents moved to the city of Anápolis where I lived until getting married at the age of 22. I lived in several cities and together with my first husband, Waldemar Henrique Torres (In Memoriam), we created the Conjugal Ministry, which for 25 years has had its teaching applied to improving relationships between couples. I attended the Theological Faculty and later the Master in Theology. I was pastor in the Light Church for the Peoples of the Guanabara Garden (Goiânia) and later as bishop, I began to supervise churches. In September 2015 I was consecrated an apostle.
I have three pastors children, married to women of God (my daughters-in-law) who embrace the work with them. They presented me with seven grandchildren – my treasures.
Aps Sinomar e Noeme
On January 3, 2015, we abandoned our widowhood and got married. This attitude has led us to a new time. We mix our families, and today we are building a new and different story. We have dedicated ourselves to the apostolic ministry and we feel happy and grateful to the Lord when we visit our many Light-to-Peoples churches scattered all over the continents.