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The feeling of envy

Apóstolo Sinomar Silveira
One of the best-known proverbs is this: “In trees without fruit no stones are thrown.” Envy, like winds, lashes the highest peaks. It is an attestation of inferiority at the service of the superiority of the envied. Envy is the art of counting the benefits others receive rather than counting ours. An envious person causes more misfortune than a miserable person; it always reflects the inferiority complex of those who harbor it. As the moth gnaws the garments, so does the envy annihilate the human being.

Envy is not exempt from a kind of greed, and often these two passions mingle.

Envy can be the result of faulty education; but there is no doubt that this feeling is essentially human, based on the instinct of ownership and the desire to possess what is not ours. Solomon, the wisest man in the world, states the following: “Sorrow is cruel, fury is destructive, but who can bear envy? (Pv 26:4).
It is extremely difficult to live with an envious person; it’s almost impossible. “Envy rottes the bones” (Pv 14:30). As rust consumes iron, envy consumes the envious. It is an evil passion, vile and despicable. That is why James, brother of the Lord, states in his epistle: “But if you harbor in your heart ENVIRONMENT and selfish ambition, do not boast of it or deny the truth.
But you can make life worth living. Relying on God is the best decision – in this dependence you will have the strength to fight for your children or for your own marriage; will have the strength to endure a crisis or a difficult time.
In the future, when you reach old age, you may look at the good result and you will not even remember the heavy moments you passed and you may say, “I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m a winner”.
Where there is ENVY and ambition, there is confusion and all sorts of evils “(James 3: 14-16). Envy is not exempt from a kind of greed, and often these two passions mingle. Another thing: Envy is an open door to bitterness, so the envious is a tyrant and executioner; suffer because others are happy. It is impossible to be happy and envious at the same time.
The Apostle Paul mentions a group of people who, while being religious, “have become full of all manner of iniquity, wickedness, greed, and depravity. They are always full of envy, murder, rivalries, deceit and malice ” (Rm 1:29) – RUN AWAY THEIR!
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