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Now I am Light!

Julian Baez, of the community church of Ttio – Acomayo – Cusco – Peru.

Julian lived near the church, but he had never been interested in visiting her. He had a very bad character, drank a lot and was aggressive with his wife and children. The marriage was frustrated, as they lived in arguments and problems constantly.
But Julian always saw a brother named Nicolas who lived two streets from his house going to church with the Bible under his arm until one day he was walking down the street near the house and found this brother and asked him if he could accompany him, to the church. After that day, he, his wife and small children began to attend, but still with many drinking problems and fights at home.
In a beautiful Sunday service, there was Pastor Julio preaching in church about marriages. As they were seated at the front, he called them to use them as an example. Soon the pastor mentioned circumstances like when the couple have many problems at home, but when they are in front of the people they show that everything is well, that even living in suffering, they try to pretend that nothing is wrong inside the home, etc.
Brother Julian thought to himself: “who told our whole life to the Pastor”? But the pastor did not know them. And that very day, Julian knew he should change, that it was not the pastor speaking to them but the Holy Spirit. Then on that occasion he repented, reconciled with his wife, never again raised a hand to her, which in fact tells us that he is now like a child, so kind. He left the alcoholism, is no more violent with his children.
Julian is very hungry and thirsty for God. And through him, his parents, brothers, his wife’s family, and some friends came to the Lord’s ways and congregate in our church. He is growing so much in the knowledge of the Word and in this year of 2019 he is leader of the Church of the Ttio community, he is also a minister of praise, plays the mandolin.
The glory is of God, for he did his will in me and saved my marriage. We give glory to God for the wonders of the Lord in this beloved family.

Priscila Rocha, of Roscommon Church – Ireland

Receiving Jesus in my life was one of the best decisions I could have made. I was going through a very complicated phase in my life. She was involved in drugs, she worked hard and lived a very uncontrolled life. I felt lost and alone, even though I had family and friends by my side at the time. I was a very stressed and quarrelsome person, I was always in some confusion.

I worked with a friend who tried to evangelize me, to get me out of the way in which I lived. Once he found me very bad on the beach, it was there that I “hid” when I did not want to be with anyone. After much conversation, he prayed for me, and I felt at peace, and on the same day I went to visit his church.
I went a few times but I did not continue. It was carnival season, parties, mess, and as I was very involved with the world so I gave up on continuing to visit the church. I moved out of town and this friend of mine passed away. But one night I dreamed of him, and in the dream he said: God did not give up on you.
I remember it was carnival and I was already prepared to go out to celebrate when I received a call from my brother inviting me to go to a retreat that his church was doing. I went and there God used a sister to talk to me. It was a wonderful night full of God’s love. It was in the year 2011 and since then I continue to live miracles and wonders at the Lord’s side.
“My baptism was beautiful.”
I had lived in Ireland for a short while and less time even though I knew the LPM church.
The day was very cold and beyond the nervous and anxious to be baptized I was afraid to enter the river that was very cold water 🙂
In my turn to enter the water as I entered the river I felt the water warm. I know it was God who did it, He took care of the smallest details and it was a beautiful day. I will never forget that moment.
Being part of the LPM family is awesome. Living in Ireland, far from our homeland and away from family members is very difficult. I found here the love, the support and the family that I thought I would not have in this country. My shepherds are my friends, wonderful people who are part of my family. The church is a blessing, full of cheerful people ready to serve. I have learned a lot from each of them.
There is a misconception about so-called rich countries, that they do not need to receive missionaries, that it is not necessary to invest to bring the gospel to the lost in those countries.
Europe is a continent lacking missionaries, lacking Christians to support and finance existing jobs, a continent with 741 million people in which only a small percentage of this population is evangelical. Countries such as France are predicted in 2050 Islam is the dominant religion.
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