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Light in the Indian Village

Did you know that there is a Light for the Peoples within a Brazilian Indian tribe? It’s Light for the Krahô Peoples! Incredible is not it? God = Pahpãm.
The work began inside the village of the Caraús Indians in Tocantins, when the newly formed pastor Adodanim Gonçalves Pereira dreamed in the 1940s that there were red-skinned people calling for salvation. And he attended the missionary call from Rio de Janeiro to Tocantins.

There were red-skinned people crying out for salvation.

In the village of Cachoeira, the pastor had his eldest daughter, Darnele Duarte, who later continued to preach salvation to the people. Currently, the mission continues with Darlene’s son, Pastor Walber Pereira Lima, with the support and support of Pastor Dolores (Light for the Peoples), volunteer brothers and siblings of other ethnic groups such as Gavião and Guajajara.
At the time of writing the video, our church was still just a dream. But today it is a reality. The Krahô Light has the structure of: main hall, bathrooms, lodgings and kitchen. (It is worth mentioning that missionary work is concerned with obeying the principles of FUNAI).
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