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Conquering a city
I have understood, by the grace of God, that it is only by “unity” that it will be possible to bind the brave and conquer territories, cities, and nations for Christ. I see that for centuries the evil one worked in the sense of unraveling the people of God and, we become weak and weak.
We have divided and withdrawn – each one has begun his own kingdom to the detriment of the kingdom of God. The Church of the Lord lost ground, and the kingdom of darkness increased.
Is not this an antagonism? It is written that the gates of hell will not prevail. What’s wrong? The sons of God began to fight each other; they began to emphasize doctrine more than unity; spiritual pride has penetrated the hearts of thousands of leaders, and so the Church has lost its identity, its strength, and its greater purpose: the conquest of the nations for Christ.
But behold, God raises up on earth men and women who dream their dreams, who proclaim the unity of the Church, and who prophesy the utter bankruptcy of the empire of darkness. A special time is coming. Great ministries, the most prominent men of God unite for great achievements.
God has revealed to men and women of God in more than 20 nations that Brazil has been privileged to reach the unreached peoples of the world, and that Goiania will be the first city to be fully conquered, thus opening the doors to agencies missionaries to imitate his example and immerse himself in his anointing.
The Pr. Harold Caballeros (Guatemala), one of the greatest living prophets today, prophesied recently in Goiânia: “This city will be a kind of spiritual laboratory – it will be a model of the divine program.”
This word has encouraged us to crystallize the “Goiânia para Cristo” project. This project aims to gather forces around a great ideal: conquer the city. Churches will be registered to participate in the project without compromising their identities. They should, however, receive training based on the four spiritual laws of the Student Crusade for Christ, which is accepted by all.
The churches involved will be aligned and will respect and practice the norms established by the leadership of the project, consisting of presiding pastors of the various denominational segments. The pastors involved will be in a mega-alliance of princes, called “conquerors” or “brave” and will have commitment to spiritual cover over each other.
The “Goiânia para Cristo” project will be repeated for eight consecutive years, until all the inhabitants of the city are converted to the Lord. For each year the number of churches involved will undoubtedly be increased.
The project will also be a link of integration among the children of God; it will be a prophetic voice for unity; will be a sample for Brazil and for the world of the effectiveness of a program based on love, with missionary awareness and executed on the principles of unity. It will undoubtedly be an instrument of God to broaden the vision of hundreds of pastors, rooted in their local churches, who will take a more comprehensive view (local, national, world and cosmic) of the kingdom of God.
Sinomar Fernandes da Silveira
Servant of the Church – Apostle by the Grace of God