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MLP System

System for Disciple Multiplication Which is?
MLP System
The MLP system is a method, a model, a strategy brought by God to the apostle Sinomar Silveira that allows pastors and leaders of the Light Ministry to fulfill the mission of preaching the Gospel of Peace through two pillars: small groups (called the cell) and individual discipleship.
These two foundations were already the basis of all the models that the Apostolic Light Ministry for the Peoples (MLP) had adopted over the years, but with the introduction of the G12 model, the emphasis on individual discipleship lost strength and the church suffered.
In order to get out of the way and return to the path of the mission given by God in 1978, we created the project Route 78. Today it is understood that this project was transitional, whose purpose was to reorganize the church. Therefore, Route 78 has already fulfilled its purpose and now the new wineskins have been prepared to receive the MLP System, since 2017, for the formation of disciples.
All strategies used in this new vision called the MLP System are based on biblical principles that allow us to fulfill the mission. The model is dynamic and flexible to adapt to different ethnic, social and cultural contexts.
The MLP System is here to serve the mission and vision of the church, and not be a hindrance to the growth and dynamism of the church. This material is just the means to reach the target, not a playbook of rules of faith. He is here to cooperate with the organization and unity of our ministry.
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